Kelly Turner - wpm

"No project is too small, especially when the vision is big."

Kelly Turner, WPM


Current Projects

Here are samples of some current writing and unscripted projects.

Wheelchair Football.png

'Untitled Wheelchair Football Japan'

(Documentary - In-Development)

Logline: Five American athletes lend their skills and support to the Wheelchair Football of Japan in time for the 2020 Para-Olympics in Tokyo.

Comeback 2.png

'Comeback, Comeup'

(Unscripted Series - In Development)

Logline: Five Pre-Apprentices risk everything to earn jobs in the multibillion dollar world of Los Angeles construction.



(Half Hour Drama - Pilot)

Logline: Three freshman young women take matters into their own hands, when their boarding school mishandles a scandal.


Previous Projects

I had a great experience and blast working on these previous projects!


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