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Kelly Turner is a Writer, Producer, and Marketer, who has written, produced, and marketed hundreds of products, services, and initiatives on behalf of global Fortune 500 companies, charitable organizations, and small businesses. She has been fortunate to have collaborated with amazing clients in a variety of industries including the Film & Television, Health & Beauty, Hospitality, Non-Profit/Community Development, Restaurant, and Construction industries. She is a strategic problem-solver and storyteller, with a solid creative background, extensive experience, influential relationships, and proven tactics of leveraging trends in media. She also has a unique specialty of outreaching to diverse audiences: African-, Latin-, Asian-American, and LGBTQ.

Kelly's body of work, current relationships, and passion for successful-envelope-pushing campaigns sets her apart from the rest. Kelly Turner will be a valuable asset to your campaign or endeavor.

Services Provided


01. Writing

  • Advertising Copy: Branding statements, Print, Taglines, Trailer / TV / Radio spots
  • Digital Copy: Social Media, Website
  • Publicity: Bios, Loglines, Press Releases, Production Notes, Synopsis
  • Script Coverage (with extensive Marketing Analysis)

02. production

  • Social media / Web editorial, video and photo content 
  • Theatrical & Broadcast Ad campaigns
  • Photo and Video shoot Coordination and Art Direction
  • Post Production Supervision

03. Marketing

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing Strategy and Plans
  • Positioning
  • Presentations
  • Social Media & Digital Strategy and Marketing Consultation



Working with a woman who is both creative and business minded, Kelly Turner is a positive return on your investment. She juggles executing marketing plans, producing video, and writing copy with zeal. Her background of being a client, and then running an ad agency, gives her the advantageous understanding of both cultures. She has the ability to work well with executives and stakeholders, just as efficiently and effectively, as creatives and talent.


"Kelly is very talented & exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the clients' needs. She has expertise in a variety of areas which allows for excellent proposals, superb creative execution and quick turn-around on projects. Kelly consistently produced top quality work and was always a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Kelly and would be happy to furnish additional info if requested." 

- Kevin Shelby, SVP Marketing and Distribution at Orion Pictures

"Kelly Turner and Vurv created cover illustrations for my novel in 2005 as well as advised on urban marketing strategies. Kelly is a dedicated and creative professional. When working on my art assets through her agency, her personal quality standards were so high that she often was harder to please than I was -- and I was the client! Kelly was a big advocate of my work and so brought the kind of passion that any client wants to see from their agency. In addition, Kelly went out of her way to introduce me to the producer who ultimately purchased the film rights. Kelly is an expert in multicultural marketing and her advice was invaluable."

- Nichol Bradford, Executive Director and Co-Founder, TransTech Lab

"Kelly has worked with us on several projects through the late, great trailer vendor Alkemi and I recommend her highly."

- Eric d'Arbeloff, Owner and Co-President at Roadside Attractions

"Kelly Turner was an early pioneer in multi-cultural marketing and helped me immensely in connecting to the hispanic audience on many movies that I was marketing. It was through her work that Gasolina a huge Reggaeton hit back in the day. She is bright and personable and a pleasure to work with."

- Curt Doty, Strategist, Storyteller, Creative

"Kelly and Vurv Inc., provided a forward thinking, progressive approach to multi-cultural/targeted marketing. Continually gracious, demonstrating flexibility when working with tight deadlines & budget constraints."

-Cecilia Ussher, Experienced In-School Yoga Enrichment Teacher

"Kelly Turner is a rare entertainment industry professional-- she takes a personal stake in her clients and projects. I was introduced to Kelly by Tendo Nagenda; we hired her company, VURV to create the marketing materials for our first 35mm short film, THE MEMO. Two years later, VURV executive produced our next film project, MANDINGO IN A BOX. This is a testament to Kelly's commitment to film and passion for developing and nurturing talent. Further, she is exceptional at uniquely crafting marketing campaigns for films. She believes every film requires a specific and tailored approach. It is for this reason, Kelly is so adept at getting film goers into theater seats."

-Dahéli Hall, Creative Multihyphenate: Writer, Performer & Director


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